Episode 06:

How (and Where) to Find Attractive Investment Properties

As we all know, the Internet is a vast place. Even when you know you want to get into e-commerce and website investing, it can still be a daunting task to scour the Internet in your search for the right properties. Why not let the Internet bring them to you?

In this episode, Ian saves you a ton of time by giving you the shortcuts to the best online markets and exchanges for websites, sites he personally uses to make his own investments. Ian not only gives the resources but shares some ins and outs on how to use them to your advantage.

If you’re ready to take the plunge into website investing, this is an episode you surely won’t want to miss.

On this episode you’ll hear:

  • The risks of trading outside of online markets and exchanges
  • Ian’s favorite websites and how he uses them to make investments
  • The buyer-beware culture that exists across the platforms and what you need to know to protect yourself.

Episode 05:

Don’t Buy a Website in 2019…Unless

If you’ve paid attention to any of the recent economic forecasts and are a little nervous, this episode is for you! If you thought 2018 was a great year for the economy and are shocked by this headline, this episode is also for you!

In today’s episode, Ian Bond re-assesses the global economy and takes you inside his new investing framework as we head into 2019. Ian’s assessment is that the market is not as strong as we thought it was and offers a more cautious investing strategy for the upcoming year. This is a relevant and timely episode you won’t want to miss!

On this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The recent reports that are causing Ian to rethink his investment strategy and the implications of these reports
  • Ian’s advice not to buy…unless you see these indicators
  • Advice to sellers in this market
  • Ian’s sustained optimistic outlook on what this means for 2019

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Episode 04:

How to Know When You’re Ready to Take The Plunge

“How will I know when I’m ready to write the check?”

This is something that I hear ALL THE TIME from our audience – and it’s a completely valid question to ask.

Making the leap into website investing can be scary. You’re putting a lot of time, energy, and money on the line. You’re betting on yourself, and you might not be completely confident in your ability to get the job done.

Those are all valid concerns, but in many cases they are overblown. In my experience, there are three distinct “green flags” that are clear signs that you are ready to take the plunge.

If you can check all three of those boxes, you’re ready to stop dreaming, planning, or second-guessing and start DOING.

On this episode you’ll hear:

  • One specific fear you’ll have to conquer before you can take the plunge
  • One area where you need to have a crystal clear understanding in order to even consider moving forward
  • One plan that absolutely has to be in place before you can officially become a website investor

Episode 03:

Finding Your “Why” for Becoming a Website Investor

Online website investing is one of the new investment frontiers that has really opened up in the 21st Century. It’s an exciting time out on this frontier. There’s a lot of open space, several opportunities, and less competition than there is in other, more traditional markets.

Alongside these new possibilities is the presence of real risk. There is less research to guide you. There are fewer guides and companions for the journey. And we haven’t been doing this as long as other types of investment.

Fortunately, a lot of sound investment principles still apply in these new spaces. Our guide today, Ian Bond, shares the lessons he learned on a different frontier, and how those lessons have served him well in the uncharted territory we all face today.

On this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Ian’s experience on Wall Street in the 1980’s informs his current approach to investing
  • Three common risks you’ll encounter in a new investment frontier
  • The information you’ll need to navigate this new frontier
  • How to assess the advice you’ll receive from website brokers
  • How to assess the consequences of your decisions
  • What you can do to minimize your risk on this frontier

If you’re looking for ways to navigate the new investment spaces of the 21st Century then this one podcast you won’t want to miss.